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21 March 2018

gold rifle

This morning I looked through some pictures from BBC for the end of February and start of March and this one caught my eye... what was it?

Reverend Hyung Jin Moon and his wife Reverend Yeon Ah Lee Moon are both part of this Unification church, started in South Korea, but it seems these reverends are based in Pennsylvania. What the wife gave her husband is sickening. Why give a gold weapon? Why even give a weapon??

This church apparently "believes guns are a symbol of the "rod of iron" referenced in the Book of Revelations", according to the caption with this picture. Why? Do they support war? Do they support bombing, refugees, murder and profiteering? How do their followers live, and would they support weapons?

I think I need to do some research about this - it has been around in Korea since just after WW2, under Mun Son-myong (Sun Myung Moon). What does it really mean... and why use a gold weapon as a symbol of a "ceremony to rededicate marriages"?

Click on this link and have a look through the BBC news in pictures.


What do you know about reading? Were you taught as a child when your parents read to you? Did you learn at school, in the library, in groups, with your study, anywhere else?

What do you think of writers? Authors?

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Wellington is a wonderful place to live. Growing up in the 60s and 70s can be idyllic. You live with people you love, you work, you know the whole city.

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This book tackles the confronting issues of rape and domestic violence with honesty, strength and humour. While the story is a narrative, the reader feels involved from the beginning due to the author writing it in the first person. The events seem real and the Brisbane location brings it even closer to home. The book is easy to read, and at times kept me turning the pages to find out what was going to happen next. Over all this book is about one woman's survival and I think that women everywhere will find that empowering. I look forward to the author's next book.
R. Hyland

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It's Okay to be Angry


"RAPE is an emotive term - rape is the ultimate violation. Anger is a perfectly normal and natural reaction to atrocity. We feel anger when we hear of someone else being hurt on purpose, so why shouldn't we feel anger when we are hurt on purpose?"

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