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Very old stuff

I'm Different

I recently found a very old poem which I wrote for my son when he was at school - I think sometime in the 1980s or 1990s. It still means the same. I know I feel it.

Everybody's different - no-one's the same as me
Some wear a different skin colour, some have knobbly knees
Some speak another language, some cannot speak at all
Some are very short, some are extra tall
Some cannot hear, some cannot see, some cannot even walk
Some read well while others don't, some stutter when they talk
But being different's part of life - it doesn't make you less
Difference adds the spice to life - being different is best!

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Won't Somebody Love Me

Written on 17 March 1975, this poem seems to have had a whole outlook over my life. This was 2 years after I'd been raped and I believe I had blocked it out in my mind. Now, I know too much about it.

LER early poem

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