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Where art are words.

Wikipaedia says that a "Quotation is the repetition of someone else's statement or thoughts." Quotes can be very true for a person. They might see a quote as relative to them, telling a story about themselves.

Some quoters are from the history - Mahatma Gandhi - 20th century, Leonardo da Vinci - 15th century, Albert Einstein - 20th century, Appius Claudius - Roman statesman, 300 B.C. So many people throughout history have been heard by their own followers who have written what they said, and their quotes have become famous.

So many quoters are from the very recent and current history and are used by so many people. Anyone who uses a very good quote would hope that others would take the importance of it.

I enjoy quotes which mean anything just to me. Sometimes I simply collect the words, but more recently I have added them to a picture that is, for me, relative to thoughts or can calm the viewer.

If you enjoy quotes, have a look through these. Click on the page and find the person you want to see. These pictures come under my Creative Commons Licence, but you can use them. I would very much appreciate a small donation from anyone who would like to help me out. Details are available from my email address.

Thank you!

"I'm NOT black, you are NOT white"

Black and white

In November 2015 Prince EA produced a YouTube which would set people to thinking.
A large group helped him saying his lyrics, because that group agreed with him.
This video is very thought-inviting and is very real about how people think of other people.
Me? I'm human.
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